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Shopzoni – A Digital Marketplace

Shopzoni is a multi-seller digital marketplace where sellers can feature a wide assortment of products across categories. We at Shopzoni are committed to simplifying shopping for users, along with great experience.

We have a concept of making a product available to a buyer through their regular shopkeepers. This process is used for a quick, trustworthy and effective availability of products to users.

Digital Marketplace

Shopzoni emphasizes on direct interaction between a brand, seller, and buyer. Its an essence of the digital marketplace.

To our users, we provide the reliable source, direct interaction with brand and seller, and time and cost savings in purchasing the product.

Our Key Features are:

  • Genuine products and warranty
  • Better quality and after sales service
  • Interaction with brand
  • Quick and effective sales support
  • Eliminating duplicate products
  • Convenient and quick delivery through nearby sellers
  • No cost levied by Shopzoni, therefore product is delivered at same price as offered by seller

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Ankit 6 years ago

Very nice article on brand digitization

    admin 6 years ago

    Thank you for your comments

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